Satisfaction with Information about Medicines Scale (SIMS)™

The Satisfaction with Information about Medicines Scale (SIMS)™ provides a valid and reliable tool for assessing how well the needs of individual patients for medicines information are being met.


Where can it be used?
The SIMS™ has been used with success across several languages and countries:


The Scale has also been shown as highly effective across a wide range of conditions and therapy areas, including:


How does it work?
The Scale is derived from professional recommendations for the type(s) of information patients should receive in order to facilitate sale self-management of their medication.


Each item on the scale refers to a specific aspect of their medicine, and then responses are analysed to generate a detailed medicines information profile and a total satisfaction rating. These indicate the total satisfaction with the amount of medication information received.


To find out more about using the SIMS in your work please contact Professor Rob Horne.