Aim of the research
Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) patients are given and directed to lots of information about their diabetes from healthcare professionals (HCPs), from their friends and family and from social media. The information can be provided in many formats such as printed items, or online websites or at consultations with HCPs.

iSAID aimed to explore how UK T2D patients perceived the information they received about managing their diabetes and their medicines. We wanted to learn what they said about the information they had received and what they thought about the source of information.

We wanted to gain insights on how the information or advice that they were given impacted their decisions on how they managed their diabetes. The research project explored what information they expected from the different HCPs managing them and compared that with what information they value from other sources, such as friends, online or groups to help manage their diabetes.

The findings of the survey are available to read in the report below.

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