The Spanish scientific association of community pharmacists (SEFAC) and SoS announce partnership to promote health and wellbeing through safe and effective use of medicines in Spain

March 2018

London, 6th March 2018

SEFAC and SoS announce partnership to improve health and wellbeing through better use of medicines.

The Sociedad Española de Farmacia Familiar y Comunitaria (SEFAC – and Spoonful of Sugar (SoS) have announced a new partnership based on their shared goals of improving health and wellbeing through better use of medicines.

The partnership reflects the excellent relationship that exists between SEFAC and SoS, recognizes their mutual interests and responsibilities, and underscores the close links and working relationships that exist between them. This announcement has generated a tremendous excitement in both organisations. Through collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and other health-related organisations in Spain, both organisations would seek to improve the use of medicines through providing expertise to support (i) the access to and development of education for pharmacy professionals around better use of medicines and (ii) research to demonstrate the benefits of pharmacists to patient care and the better use of medicines.

SEFAC has a successful history as scientific society of the community pharmacist that provides healthcare services, integrated into the Spanish health system and in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. SEFAC aim at being the community pharmacist’s privileged interlocutor with other scientific societies and provide guidance on the delivery of said healthcare services for the community pharmacist to be recognised as the expert in medicines and the closest and accessible healthcare professional to the population.

Spoonful of Sugar are a specialist behaviour-change consultancy applying behavioural science to close the gap between effective treatment and best patient outcomes. Founded by Professor Rob Horne in 2011, they translate the ongoing insights from over 25 years of global research to design practical programmes helping patients get the best from medicines.

Together, the two organisations aim to change behaviours underpinning the use of medicines for the advancement of health and wellbeing.

‘The pharmacist is the closest professional to the patient. Agreements such as this will allow us to enhance the potential of the community pharmacist as a health agent from a scientific and professional point of view’ – Jesús Gómez, President, SEFAC

‘I am delighted to have this opportunity to partner with SEFAC, we both have at the heart of our missions the desire to see medicines used effectively. SEFAC have a huge network of associated pharmacists who are supporting the use of medicines to improve health and wellbeing and an opportunity to support their work with the most up-to-date evidence is fantastic’ – Dr Tom Kenny, CEO, Spoonful of Sugar

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