Spoonful of Sugar Wins Innovate UK grant to fight Antimicrobial Resistance

January 2018

Spoonful of Sugar (SoS) has won an Innovate UK grant to investigate the feasibility of a behaviourally intelligent ‘Antimicrobial Assistant’ mobile application for patients. SoS will use their evidence-based frameworks to understand the people’s psychology about antimicrobials, such as antibiotics like penicillin. This study will provide recommendations for the design of a tailored educational app to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AMR leads to around 700,000 deaths per year and is predicted to reach 10 million by 2050. AMR also has a financial burden, costing the EU 1.5 billion Euros every year, and significantly impacts agriculture and the environment. This Innovate UK grant will support vital work to change human behaviour such as overuse and misuse of antibiotics which encourage AMR.

This one-year research project involves interviewing and surveying the public and doctors about their beliefs and attitudes towards the use of antimicrobials. The investigation will be based on Spoonful of Sugar’s validated methodology as health behaviour change experts. The recommendations for a mobile app will target specific perceptions about AMR to ensure that beliefs will be translated into behaviour.

Spoonful of Sugar’s CEO and Medical Director Dr Tom Kenny said: ‘We are building on vast amounts of work to lay the foundations for a behaviourally intelligent app which will not only change the way people think about antimicrobials but also how we use them. We are excited to lead in this digital and behavioural frontier to improve antimicrobial stewardship.’

Spoonful of Sugar translates the perceptual insights from their global research programme into practical programmes helping patients, healthcare professionals and payers get the best from medicines and other health technologies.

To find out more about how Spoonful of Sugar shapes innovative, behaviourally intelligent programmes, contact tom@sos-adherence.co.uk