Bringing behaviour change to the Commonwealth agenda: SoS presenting at The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

April 2018

This April 16-18th marks an important date throughout the Commonwealth, as the Heads of Government will be meeting in London, bringing together passionate, like-minded, people to discuss how we can work together to foster positive change throughout our Commonwealth. The discussions will encompass three key themes, exploring exclusion, taking on injustice, and accountable governance. Addressing these issues will require changes in behaviour at 3 levels: individuals, organisations, and societies.

Spoonful of Sugar Ltd (SoS) is a UCL business spin-out company created to apply insights from global research in behavioural sciences conducted within UCL and its partner organisations into practice. SoS works with a range of industry, healthcare organisations, and non-government organisations to develop innovative person-centred programmes to enhance individual health and wellbeing, and overcome exclusion. They have been selected to share their expertise and insights through an interactive workshop at the event on Day 1 of the Heads of Government meeting.

For more information and to find out schedule details, check out the website here.