Professor Rob Horne

Founder and Scientific Director


Rob is the Founder and Scientific Director of SoS. He is also Professor of Behavioural Medicine & Director of the Centre for Behavioural Medicine, UCL Academic Lead for the Centre for Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), Board Member of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change and the UCL Institute of Digital Health.


Rob’s 20-year research programme centres on medicines behaviour and how psychosocial factors determine engagement with treatment and health outcomes. He has developed a range of models and methodologies for understanding patient and clinician perspectives of illness and treatment. Applied in research across the globe, these have improved our understanding of adherence and changed thinking about how we can support best use of medicines. These applications and approaches underpin Spoonful of Sugar’s work, and have been applied in over 23 long-term medical conditions across 18 countries. Rob’s work has informed WHO and NICE Guidelines on Medicines Adherence, and has informed interventions to improve health outcomes by optimising engagement with appropriate treatments.


Rob holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of London, and a PhD in Health Psychology from King’s College London. He is a Founding Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.


After qualifying as a pharmacist, Rob spent 10 years in NHS clinical pharmacy practice and management in various teaching hospitals in London and Brighton, before undertaking a PhD in Health Psychology at Guy’s Medical School (now King’s College London) funded by the UK Department of Health. He then went on to establish an internationally-recognised research programme in medicines behaviour. He has consulted with a broad range of healthcare providers, including the NHS, medical charities, WHO, healthcare SMEs and the pharmaceutical industry.

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