Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire (BMQ)™

Our BMQ™ is a unique method developed to assess the beliefs affecting patients’ medicines uptake and adherence.


Where can it be used?

The BMQ assesses beliefs and perceptions about medicines and treatment. This method has been used successfully across a broad range of clinical conditions, for example:


The psychological constructs underpinning the BMQ have been shown to hold constant between countries and cultures; the BMQ has been used successfully in a different languages and in a number of countries. For example:



How does it work?

The BMQ assesses the key psychological constructs that underpin the core beliefs influencing adherence to medicines.

The BMQ tool is split into two sections:


Assesses patients’ beliefs about medication prescribed for a particular illness and comprises two scales assessing personal beliefs about the necessity of prescribed medication for controlling their illness and concerns about the potential adverse consequences of taking it


Deals with more general beliefs about medicines which may affect adherence. These can be used separately or together and are analysed as a scored questionnaire with each item derived from qualitative studies.


To find out more about using the BMQ in your work please contact Professor Rob Horne.