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Spoonful of Sugar (SoS) is a boutique behaviour-change consultancy applying behavioural science to close the gap between effective treatment and best outcomes.

Professor Rob Horne founded Spoonful of Sugar in 2011, to translate the ongoing insights from a 20-year global research programme to design practical programmes helping patients, healthcare professionals and payers get the best from medicines and other health technologies.

Translating world-class research into practical solutions that improve outcomes. The research of Professor Horne and his colleagues has advanced theory and practice in medicines behaviour. From this research, we've created unique methodologies that we apply in bespoke programmes, tailored to our clients' needs.

Our programmes change behaviour because they are founded on a deep understanding of why engagement with medicines is often suboptimal and how these behaviours can be changed to improve outcomes for patients and the healthcare system.

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Three Principles

Our work is guided by three interdependent principles:

  1. Evidenced: Professor Horne and his team are directly involved in every SoS programme, ensuring that the latest thinking and evidence remain at the core. SoS translates this evidence into programmes bringing business and academia together seamlessly to ensure that we make best use of medicines and medical innovation for the benefit of individuals and society.
  2. Co-created: Our programmes aren't academic concepts devised in isolation. We work with patients, their representative groups and carers, and the healthcare professionals supporting them, which brings credibility, authenticity and authority to our work.
  3. Personalised: Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their stakeholders. When it comes to medicines behaviour change, one size definitely does not fit all. We begin by understanding the interaction of the individual with the treatment and the complex psychological and behavioural factors influencing whether and how they use it. We then tailor support to address the perceptions and practicalities affecting their motivation and ability to get the best from the treatment.
Who We Are

The core team at Spoonful of Sugar is responsible for delivering high-quality outputs in a timely manner across all of our client programmes. We also work closely with our matrix team, which consists of individual consultants who specialise in specific areas. In doing so, we can draw upon insights and expertise which we then tailor to the needs of our clients.

Professor Rob Horne BSc MSc PhD
Rob is the Founder and Scientific Director of SoS. He is also Professor of Behavioural Medicine & Director of the Centre for Behavioural Medicine, UCL Academic Lead for the Centre for Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), Board Member of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change and the UCL Institute of Digital Health.

Rob's 20-year research programme centres on medicines behaviour and how psychosocial factors determine engagement with treatment and health outcomes. He has developed a range of models and methodologies for understanding patient and clinician perspectives of illness and treatment. Applied in research across the globe, these have improved our understanding of adherence and changed thinking about how we can support best use of medicines. These applications and approaches underpin Spoonful of Sugar's work, and have been applied in over 23 long-term medical conditions across 18 countries. Rob's work has informed WHO and NICE Guidelines on Medicines Adherence, and has informed interventions to improve health outcomes by optimising engagement with appropriate treatments.

Rob holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, a Master's degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of London, and a PhD in Health Psychology from King's College London. He is a Founding Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

After qualifying as a pharmacist, Rob spent 10 years in NHS clinical pharmacy practice and management in various teaching hospitals in London and Brighton, before undertaking a PhD in Health Psychology at Guy's Medical School (now King's College London) funded by the UK Department of Health. He then went on to establish an internationally-recognised research programme in medicines behaviour. He has consulted with a broad range of healthcare providers, including the NHS, medical charities, WHO, healthcare SMEs and the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Tom Kenny is the Medical Director and CEO of SoS. He is lead for the core team, and oversees the clinical content and delivery of all our research programmes.

Tom started his professional career in General Practice using improvement science to transform his own Practice. From there he moved into NHS management, and then into Public Health Medicine.

Tom has worked at every level of commissioning in the NHS as clinical director for practice based commissioning, director of commissioning for a primary care trust, medical adviser for specialised commissioning and medical adviser for national highly specialised commissioning. During this time Tom worked with NSCAG, NCG, and AGNSS in the programme evaluating drugs for use in rare diseases that became the NICE process for evaluating drugs for Ultra-Orphan diseases.

Tom was director of external relations and then director of research delivery and impact for the NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Co-ordinating Centre. During this time Tom oversaw the delivery of a portfolio of over 800 active research projects across 5 of the NIHR programmes and led the work supporting NICE's articulation of future research needs and worked with each guideline group to ensure that research recommendations where well-constructed and articulated.

Tom has worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies supporting the design of research, interpretations of finding and articulation of evidence to facilitate better payer decision-making.

Joella Webber BSc
Joella is Chief Operating Officer at SoS and is responsible for leading and overseeing the development and delivery of our patient support programmes. Prior to Spoonful of Sugar, Joella was Managing Director of a specialist healthcare communications agency and has over eight years' experience in developing and leading engaging Global, European and UK programmes in the areas of disease awareness, patient advocacy, patient support, medical education, media relations, public affairs and digital communications.

Dr Vanessa Cooper MSc PhD
Dr Vanessa Cooper is Senior Consultant in Health Psychology at SoS, leading on SoS Behavioural Insights Research™ and behaviour-change strategies in programme development.

Vanessa is a Chartered Health Psychologist with a PhD in health psychology and behavioural medicine. She has 15 years of experience at the forefront of research into medicines-related behaviour combined with over a decade of consultancy work with NHS, charities, healthcare consultancies and pharmaceutical companies. Vanessa has expertise in a wide range of methodologies including qualitative and quantitative approaches, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. She is an expert in the application of Experience-Based Co-Design to develop patient-centered approaches to healthcare delivery and in the development of interventions to support patient engagement with treatment.

Sandrine Gobert BA MA MSc
Sandrine is Senior Project Manager at SoS, and is responsible for managing UK and Global behavioural insights projects. She has 11 years' experience in project management.

Sandrine has degrees in Ethnology and a Master's in Sociology. Her background began with research in qualitative B2B and B2C studies. She moved to the UK in 2007 and continued to work in Market Research as a Project Manager in both Qualitative and Quantitative research. Her healthcare experience began in 2008 by joining Insight Research (now called Cello Health Insight), followed by Double Helix in 2010 and Fieldwork International (Ipsos MORI) in 2014.

Helen Davies MSc
Helen is a Senior Researcher at SoS, responsible for ensuring that SoS programmes are informed by the latest research and thinking in behavioural medicine. She has a background in psychology and extensive experience in patient-centred research policy working with the UK National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). She has developed patient care programme and healthcare support services across a range of settings including the charitable sector and schools.

Dora Phillips BSc
Dora is Senior Account Manager at SoS, responsible for project oversight and liaising with clients. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Leeds, and is undertaking a Master’s in Health Psychology at University College London. She brings three years' experience of healthcare communications to the SoS team.

Leila Rhaddaoui Dip (Medical Sciences)
Leila Rhaddaoui is Office Manager at SoS, responsible for the smooth running and oversight of SoS. She holds a BTEC National Diploma in Medical Sciences, and is studying for a degree in Health Sciences. Her background before joining SoS has been in administration and management.

Polly Reynolds BA (Hons)
Polly Reynolds is Junior Account Executive at SoS. She is responsible for ensuring the continued smooth delivery of research programmes on a day-to-day basis, including coordinating with our matrix team and outside suppliers. She graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Hispanic Studies. Prior to joining the SoS team, she worked in healthcare communications within the NHS.

The Spoonful of Sugar Matrix Team

Our matrix team comprises a diverse group of consultants from a broad range of disciplines bringing expertise in medicines behaviour and behaviour change, healthcare communications, HCP education and training, health economics, healthcare policy and practice, digital and creative and the NHS and pharmaceutical industry. From our UK matrix team and partnership with UCL, London's Global University, we link to a network of key opinion leaders and consultants across the globe drawing on well-established collaborations with centres of excellence in health psychology and behavioural medicine in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, China, South America and Africa. Our UK matrix team includes:

Professor Richard Barker OBE
SoS Senior Consultant on Pharmaceutical Innovation
Director Centre for Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI)

Natalie Bidad Msc MRPharmS
SoS Consultant in Pharmacy Education
Research Pharmacist at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Dr David Brindley MA PhD
Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford

Dr Sarah Chapman MA DPhil
SoS Senior Consultant in Behavioural Medicine
Excellence Fellow in Behavioural Medicine at UCL

Dr Angel Chater MSc PhD
SoS Senior Consultant in Health Psychology
Reader in Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine at the University of Bedfordshire

Dr Jane Clatworthy MSc PhD
SoS Senior Consultant in Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine

Nicola Davey MPhil MRPharmS
SoS Consultant in Improvement Science
Quality Improvement Practitioner

Professor Graham Davies BPharm MSc PhD MRPharmS
SoS Senior Consultant in Clinical Therapeutics and Practitioner Education
Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics at King's College London

Emmanuella Dekonor MBA MA
SoS Communications Consultant

Mike Firn RMN BA (Hons)
SoS Consultant in Healthcare Improvement
Clinical Service Development Lead, South West London & St George's Mental Health NHS Trust

Dr Jennifer Gill MSc PhD
SoS Consultant in Healthcare Policy
Senior Research Associate at the UCL School of Pharmacy

Monika Heller MSc
SoS Consultant in Behavioural Medicine
Postgraduate Researcher (PhD Candidate) at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Matt Johnson MA
SoS Consultant in Programme Design
Healthcare researcher in rare diseases

Dr Delyth James Msc PhD MRPharmS
SoS Senior Consultant in Health Psychology and Pharmacy Practice
Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Caroline Katzer MSc
SoS Consultant in Behavioural Medicine
Postgraduate Researcher (PhD Candidate) at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Heather Leake Date BPharm MSc MRPharmS
SoS Consultant in Clinical Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation
Consultant Pharmacist at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals

Lindsay MacDonald MSc
SoS Consultant Health Psychologist
Postgraduate Researcher (PhD Candidate) at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Marissa Ayano Mes MSc
SoS Consultant in Behavioural Medicine
Postgraduate Researcher (PhD candidate) at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Anne Odling-Smee BA
SoS Senior Creative Consultant
Director Design Science

Dr Rhian Parham MSc PhD
SoS Consultant in Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine

Dr David Pau MBBS MSc
SoS Clinical Communications Consultant
Consultant Physician and Postgraduate Researcher at the Royal College of Arts

Elizabeth Poliquin BSc MSc
SoS Consultant Health Psychologist
Researcher and Programme Coordinator at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Railton Scott MSc MRPharmS
SoS Consultant in Medicines Optimisation
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy at the University of Brighton

Professor David Taylor BA PhD
SoS Consultant in Pharmaceutical Policy and Health Economics
Professor Emeritus of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy at UCL

Andrew Watkinson MSc
SoS Consultant in Behavioural Medicine
Postgraduate Researcher (PhD Candidate) at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Penny Weller MSc
SoS Logistics
Research Manager at the UCL Centre for Behavioural Medicine

Who We Work With