A boutique behaviour-change consultancy applying behavioural science to close the gap between effective medical treatment and optimum health outcomes.

Case study 1: Autoimmune disease

Behavioural Insights Research™ and print content development

Identifying and dismantling barriers to treatment adherence and optimising the support role of clinicians

Case study 2: Type 2 Diabetes

Smartphone app and web-based portal

Engaging patients to self-manage their Type 2 Diabetes and make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes alongside treatment adherence

Case study 3: Multiple sclerosis

Content review, Behavioural Insights Research™, online magazines and targeted messaging system

Enhancing current adherence support by instilling confidence in patients and clinicians to optimise communication and address support needs

Case study 4: Rare diseases

Behavioural Insights Research™, literature review, adherence tool and accompanying guidebook for clinicians

Facilitating open and honest communication between patient and clinician to promote active self-management of this rare disease